5 Tips on how to get Glowing Skin naturally

Tips to get Glowing Skin

So everyone wants to know how to get glowing skin naturally at home in 7 days, they see multiple videos about glowing skin tips but don’t use them consistently and then complain about not getting the results. In this blog, I’m going to tell you the glowing skin secrets which will not cost you anything but get you results naturally. You just have to implement the tips that I give and I guarantee you the best results.

Before I tell you the tips, I want to make it clear that, I personally don’t have a major Skincare routine as I have really sensitive skin and I don’t use tons of products on my face and I’d recommend you the same. But the products that I have listed below are organic so they are not harmful. But, if you are allergic to something, I recommend you not to use it. But, instead, use the products that your dermatologist recommends you to.

Use Face packs and Facemask sheets for Glowing Skin:

Ayurvedic Products work wonders on your skin. There are many questions arising on which is the best face pack for oily skin, face pack for dry skin, face pack for instantly glowing skin, are peel-off masks good for skin, best face packs for glowing skin & much more.

I have a list of face packs and facemask sheets that I use. If you want to use Face packs, use it Twice or Thrice a week for better results. If you use Facemask Sheet, use it once a month. Facemask sheets shouldn’t be overused. If you use one, use the one with Tea-Tree Oil or Papaya. It really makes your skin smooth and glowing. The facemask that I use is By Mirabelle.

If you have Oily Skin, use Multani Mitti i.e Fuller’s Earth by Skin Elements or Indus Valley with Rose Water.

If you have Dry Skin, use Gram Flour i.e Besan with Raw milk or Yoghurt. You can also use a facewash by Nivea which has milk and honey.

Lastly, if you have Normal skin, you can mix Lemon Juice & Honey and apply it on your face and once it dries, wash it off. You can also use this Honey gel facewash by Biotique which is really helpful for glowing your skin.

Cut Off Toxic People from your Life:

          Toxic people really drain your energy and stress you out. If you remove toxic people from your life, you can easily focus on yourself rather than getting involved in unnecessary dramas. There are times when you don’t know how to deal with toxic people or how to remove toxic people from your life. But when you distance yourself & block them from coming into your life, it will be a lot easier for you. In the start, you’ll feel alone but after a certain point when you start loving yourself & focus on yourself, you’ll attract better people in your life.

I myself was involved in toxic stuff where I became so negative, I almost lost myself. I had to then block certain people to remove all the negativity. I am in a really positive aura now and I feel that this really helps you get glowing skin.

            Get a new life without any dramas, stress, and toxicity. This is the biggest secret I believe no one has ever told you.

Maintain a proper diet & drink water:

Dieting doesn’t mean starving. For getting glowing skin, you have to cut down carbs and gram & wheat flour i.e (Maida & Besan ). These two are the reasons for many skin and health problems. You can also cut down on sugar intake as it will help in weight loss.

Start having green tea in the morning as it is a great antioxidant. It clears out the waste from our body which then helps in blood circulation, which purifies the skin. Also, drink a lot of water as your skin has to be hydrated all the time for blood circulation. Otherwise, your skin becomes super dull.

Avoid eating junk food as much as you can as it is really bad for the body and skin. One of the reasons why skin breaks out is oily food.

Start Working out as it helps in generating new cells which activate skin lightening cells. It also helps in relieving stress & depression. If you don’t know, acne is also caused by stress & depression.

Smile all the Time:

Smiling all the time helps you release all the feel-good messengers that help you fight stress. Smiling also helps to lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

When you smile, it really awakens some muscles which are very useful in glowing up the skin. The skin stretches and the muscle works in glowing up your skin. When you smile, you forget why you’re sad.

Also, it is scientifically proven that a good stomach paining laugh is equal to 40 Minutes of Jogging which really makes us fit.

              So, now that you know how effective a smile is, I’m sure you’ll find a chance to smile just like I do. Also, make others smile. This will make you always smile.

Mind your own Business:

It honestly takes nothing to mind your own Business. When you interfere in other people’s lives, it brings unnecessary stress and drama in your lives. Anyone who wants stress can definitely poke their noses in other people’s businesses.

To be honest, when you focus on your grass rather than checking if someone else’s is greener, you’ll grow fast. You don’t need to see what others are doing. You just have to focus on yourself till you achieve what you want.

I hope all these tips help you learn something new because I guarantee you that your skin will start glowing the moment you follow the tips. And do it with your whole heart. If you do it just for the sake of it, you won’t see any results. Upload pictures of your glow up on Instagram and tag me @voguemarketer! Also, share this article with anyone who’s dealing with skin issues.

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