Rajvi Gada

Hi, my name is Rajvi & welcome to my NOT-SO-SECRET DIARY !

I’m a Digital Marketer by Profession; & an Artist, a Youtuber & a Blogger by Passion.

I am a Mumbai based 19 year old content creator inside a 9 year old child’s body who has a sweet tooth all the time. Sweets are the way to my heart! <3

I’m a Free Spirit Bubblish Sweetheart who smiles at anything and everything. Also, I absolutely love being in front of the Camera!

I’m currently in the second year pursuing Management Studies with a major in Marketing. I have started writing blogs since I was 17 as a hobby. You can see my Blog Site which was just an experiment although it is dear to my heart.

I found blogging a really great way of expressing my love for fashion to people through writing. Also, I’ve traveled more than 6 countries till now so yeah I have space here to write about Travel too.

You can know about me a little better by watching my QnA video.

Other than writing blogs, I run a Youtube Channel : Vee Bubble where I create videos about Lifestyle and much more.

Initially, as a kid, I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. Things turned their way and I am into Marketing now. Not that I can’t design outfits but Digital Marketing is what I really love doing. Also when I am free I always mess with some brushes and create some Mandalas and Paintwork. I love dancing and as you know being in front of the camera. It brought me some offers in the acting & modelling industry, but God had some other plans for me.

There is a quote which always motivates me to do stuff :

“Don’t stop until you’re proud”.

If you want to work with me, you can Email me or contact me through any of my Social Media Handles x

Instagram @rajveegada

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